Join the next round of arts meetings in our series of online get togethers! We are inviting arts professionals and creatives to take part in our September sessions to share and discuss current issues within the arts and cultural sector. 

Arts and health subgroup meeting 

Date t.b.c.

A forum to discuss issues around arts and health. It also provides a platform to share information and facilitate specialist support within the arts and health provision focusing on support for specific vulnerable groups.

Creating new work subgroup meeting

Date t.b.c.

A forum to discuss, share and support new work.

Arts get together

Date t.b.c.

An open platform for the Worcestershire arts and cultural sector to come together for support, to discuss concerns and to share information. 

Outdoor arts space discussion

Date t.b.c.

An open conversation about the proposal of an outdoor arts space in Worcester. This meeting will provide the opportunity for an initial open discussion to explore the idea further.

Working with schools subgroup meeting

Date t.b.c.

A group to enable the arts and education sectors to work together and support each other during Covid-19. It provides a forum where conversations between artists and teachers can develop to best support each other going forward.


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