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Lady Playing Violin

Royal Three Counties Show Performance

  • Your Details

  • If over 18, write "Adult".
  • I.e. String Orchestra, Rock Band, Dance Group, Choir etc.
  • Please note, all under 18s must be chaperoned by a responsible DBS-checked adult or parent throughout the visit to the showground.
  • Your Performance Preferences

  • DayTime
  • DayTime
  • DayTime
  • We will try to allocate you your second choice or, if not, your third choice
  • Max. 45 minutes
  • Please note, performance slots can last up to 45 minutes, depending on art form. Whilst we will endeavor to accommodate everyone, we cannot guarantee that all performers will get their first choice of performance day or time or any additional performances, if requested.
  • Your Performance

  • This information may be used in promotional material/programming information for the Royal Three Counties Show.
  • Please see terms and conditions for details
  • Please bring on iPod or MP3
  • Technical/Staging Information

    • The Showground provides a vinyl-floored raised stage (5x5 metres) with roof, side, back and a basic PA system with some mic stands. There is no stage lighting. There are two shallow steps up to the stage.
    • Please give details of any technical requirements you may have for your performance in addition to those listed in the Additional Information/Terms and Conditions, e.g. seating (please give numbers), number of mics and mic stands, extra sound equipment etc. We cannot guarantee we will be able to provide all additional requests.
    • There are no changing facilities. Please come ready costumed.
    • The stage will be managed by a theatre technician.
    • If you intend to play pre-recorded music, please bring it on an iPod or MP3 player.
    • We will do our best to accommodate these requests but may not always be able to. We will let you know as soon as possible if this is the case.
    • Any electrical items brought in by artists / groups must have passed a recent PAT inspection.
    • Any props, costumes or instruments brought in by artists or groups are your sole responsibility and not that of Severn Arts or the Three Counties Showground.

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