Armonico Consort are inviting young people who are in their final year at middle and primary schools to write a leavers song, with the aid of five videos and a folder of backing tracks.

We aim to inspire, educate and enrich our young people so that making music is a possibility for all children-every child matters!

Armonico Consort

This project is inclusive and will enable children of differing abilities to access the resource material, thus benefitting from the mental and physical benefits that are associated with music whilst fulfilling key aspects of the Literacy and Music National Curriculum through their creative imagination. Singing is scientifically proven to increase both physical and mental well-being. Therefore, while we are practising social distancing, it is crucial that we keep singing and making music for social togetherness!

This project facilitates the imagination pupils have, something which I’m sure they are waiting to release, an opportunity for those who are less socially able an ice breaker to contact friends to collaborate on this work and finally, the crucial combination of both the music and literacy National Curriculum.

Project instructions

Following a letter home to parents young people who are in their final year at middle and primary schools are invited to write a leavers song, with the aid of a project introduction video, letter to parents and pupils and backing tracks. All of this information can all be downloaded from the Leavers song project folder set up by Armonico Consort

Watch all five videos first and use them as inspiration to start composing.

Once you have created your leavers song schools/parents or pupils can send them in to Armonico Consort to record the songs and add backing tracks if needed.

Please send in songs no later than our extended deadline of 5 July 2020. Armonico Consort will send final copies of the songs back to the school along with certificates.