Drumlove are offering a series of inspiring online creative rhythm sessions for their #KeepMakingMusic project. The workshops will show a range of world percussion and teach people how to play the beats. You can take part with drums or other percussions or have fun utilising found upcycled objects. Students of all ages are invited to share their own musical responses and encouraged to try their new rhythm skills on other instruments in the future.

About the workshops

Through three sessions participants will be taken through a range of rhythms of the world from beginner to intermediate level. They will be taught the correct techniques and hand positions to make clear sounds on the instruments as well as being educated to the cultural background of the traditions. They will also be shown about improvisation and being creative with their own individual style. Their own responses will be welcomed using percussion and other instruments to further utilise their new skills and extend the creative dialogue.

How to take part

Watch and join in with Drumlove videos. Schools are free to get in touch for further advice on extending the work from these project sessions.

Session 2 - looking at rhythm and different objects to play

Session 3 - more about rhythms and patterns

Performance by Drumlove -

Drumlove's Soundcloud has an album which is free to listen and download. This has the range of rhythms for #KeepMakingMusic which are great to listen to and play along with. This will help as a good reference to all who take part.