We’re looking for young digital storytellers.

Have you got an idea for a great story? Ever wanted to create your own adventure and turn it into a video game?  If you are in Key Stage 3 or 4 (years 7 - 11) now is your chance, to just let your imagination run riot! 

Working with digital artists C & T our digital storytellers will have the chance to create their own interactive story, mixing video, photos, text and sound into an adventure that can explode the boundaries of lockdown! Each will have access to use special online tools to build their story and will be able to include their own media content. 

How to take part 

Parents/carers need to register with Severn Arts to take part.  


Once registered participants will be asked to take part in an online workshop on Zoom to get ready for action. The workshop will last approximately one hour.

After the workshop everyone taking part will be able to get to work creating their story. Each participant will have their own account using their parent/carer email address.  

Equipment needed
  • A computer (Mac, PC or Chromebook) running Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser
  • Internet access
  • A digital camera, tablet or smartphone for recording media
What will happen to the stories created?

When work is done participants will be able to share their stories with the world as part of the C & T Digital Storytelling Festival!