Online music quizzes suited to Key stage 2 and 3 children and their families developed by K'antu Ensemble.

What do I need to participate?

All pupils need is internet access ( through a phone, tablet or computer. The quiz is based on music videos, so make sure your device has audio.

Schools can access the quiz rounds using the links below. Answers will be submitted and marked through kahoot. 

About the quiz 

There are seven quizzes exploring the concepts of pitch and melody. Each one consists of 10 questions which should take 5-15 minutes to play. All quizzes are suitable for all ages to play. However, we have grouped them into KS2 and KS3 activities below.

If you haven’t used Kahoot before, here is a demo 

Press the green ‘Play’ button and follow the instructions.

Before playing the first round of the main quizzes, we recommend having a look at the BBC Bitesize links included below as a refresher on the ideas contained within the quizzes!

The quizzes will: 

  • feature videos of professional performances 
  • include multiple choice questions to help direct pupil's learning 
  • pupils will be able to see their results as the quiz progresses 
  • pupils will be able to compete with their peers and family 
  • pupils can take the quiz multiple times to improve their score 
  • teachers will be able see pupil's results to assess gaps in their knowledge 

K'antu Ensemble are experienced in providing music education workshops and 1-to-1 teaching for this age group and will encompass similar themes and lines of questioning used in the interactive performances they normally deliver in school settings. 

Quiz topics will be music focused but incorporate other themes drawing from their broader learning.

Email Ruth Hopkins to request further information - [email protected] 

Playing the Quizzes

Key Stage 2:

KS2 Music BBC Bitesize 

1. K'antu Family Quiz - Melody & Pitch - Easy

2. K'antu Family Quiz - Melody Instruments

3. K'antu Family Quiz - Higher or Lower

4. K'antu Family Quiz - Film + TV

Key Stage 3:

KS3 Music BBC Bitesize 

1. K'antu Family Quiz - Melody & Pitch - Hard 

2. K'antu Family Quiz - General Knowledge

3. K'antu Family Quiz - Higher or Lower

4. K'antu Family Quiz - Crossover Music

For further information about the full range of quizzes, please visit