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New online digital music lessons for Severn Arts pupils

Severn Arts is offering individual online digital music lessons to all instrumental and vocal pupils whilst schools are closed.

Lady Playing Violin

Online Digital Music Lesson Application Form

  • Application for FREE online music lessons for Severn Arts pupils

  • Pupil Details

  • Parent/Carer Details

  • (this must be one that will be used for the lessons, all communications and belongs to the parent/carer)
  • If different from above
  • All lessons will be individual and approximately 20 mins duration

  • We are aiming to start lessons from the 20th April 2020 – the Severn Arts teacher will contact you directly to arrange a mutually convenient day and time.
  • Parent/Carer Consent

  • Please note our lesson expectations and requirements listed below:

    • The supervising parent/carer must be present at the start and end of the lesson.
    • A parent/carer must be nearby to the pupil when the online digital music lesson is taking place; they should ideally be in the room at the same time as the lesson but if this is impractical, the supervising parent/carer should at the very least be only in the next room with enough ability to overhear the communication between the teacher and pupil.
    • Pupils must be dressed as they would be if they were to be out in public or at their normal lessons. Ordinary weekend home clothes are fine.
    • The online digital music lesson must take place on a parents/carer’s device only. Parents/carers are under no circumstances to share Severn Arts teacher contact details with pupils for use on their devices.
    • The agreed lesson time must be adhered to and the parent/carer must be ready to join the lesson at the agreed time. Parents/carers should email the Severn Arts teacher as soon as possible if unable to join the lesson at the agreed time.
    • Severn Arts teachers will keep a log of all lessons. Lessons will not be recorded.

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