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Pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals are eligible for remissions with Severn Arts.

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Severn Arts remissions are determined by eligibility for Free School Meals. Our remission scheme, which covers an academic year, entitles pupils to the following:

How to Apply

To apply for remissions please complete a Remission Form. This must be counter-signed by a school representative. If you require instrument hire, an Instrument Hire Form must be submitted separately. Please indicate your Free School Meal eligibility on the form.

Important – Please Note: Annual Renewal

Each remission covers a single academic year (or the remainder of the current year if you are applying mid-year) and expires on August 31st each year. To continue to access our remission scheme in September, a new application must be made in advance of the new term. If a remission is not re-applied for, future services will be chargeable to your account, and will be subject to standard Terms and Conditions.

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