We love performing live and have missed it greatly during lockdown. This video shows us performing one of our original songs, all independently which we have edited together for you! Not quite like a live show but gives you an idea of our style.

Roving Crows

The band members had to record their parts separately and then film themselves playing to the track. Bass player Jim then edited all the recordings together and also the video footage to come up with the final piece for everyone to enjoy.

This video, aimed at secondary school students and older, was produced by Roving Crows to show how performance can happen in all sorts of ways, in all sorts of contexts and it can still bring people together even if not physically. Basically no matter what's happening in your life and in the world, you can ALWAYS #KeepMakingMusic!

Each member of the Roving Crows band are full time gigging musicians who rely fully income from music to survive.

Listen and enjoy! #KeepMakingMusic

All members of the Roving Crows have been delighted to join in with the Severn Arts #KeepMakingMusic project. The industry that we work in has come to a complete stop at this time with no real indication of when the gigging and entertainment world will return back to 'normal'.  This project enabled us to produce a performance video for you in a completely different context to what we have been used to; from practically living in each other's pockets and travelling together to not seeing each other at all, this gave us the motivation and opportunity to perform together from a distance. Thankyou!

Roving Crows