Provision of instruments and resources 


  • Instruments (excluding those used for FAME sessions) will be charged for on a termly basis. 
  • Instruments can be hired either individually or as part of a class set.
  • The school is responsible for the care and return of all hired instruments and related components (e.g., mouthpieces, bows and cases etc.). See Severn Arts Instrument Care for care details.
  • Instruments hired by the school may be sent home with pupils. The instruments remain the responsibility of the school.
  • A record of all instruments leaving the school should be kept and available on request by Severn Arts. Severn Arts will provide a form to record the details.
  • The school is liable for the replacement costs of instruments and/or components (including mouthpieces, bows and cases) if they are not returned or returned damaged at the end of a programme.
  • Each clarinet is supplied with 1 spare reed per term. Additional reeds can be purchased through Severn Arts.
  • Instruments needing repair/replacement can be arranged with Severn Arts by completing our request a replacement form Please note we do not reimburse repair costs if the repair is carried out elsewhere.
  • Instruments hired by the school for whole class instrumental tuition or FAME should not be passed on to pupils wishing to continue into standard tuition.
  • Parents/carers wishing to hire instruments for their children can do so directly with Severn Arts.
  • General instrument hire - We advise you to keep a careful record of the instrument/s if they are being sent home with a pupil - There is a unique instrument reference ID number both on the case tag and the instrument itself to help with this.


Delivery and collection of instruments 


  • Severn Arts will arrange the date and time of instrument delivery and collection with you. Please ensure class sets of instruments are complete and accessible to the Severn Arts driver at the agreed time of collection time.
  • Missing instruments will continue to be charged for until they are returned to Severn Arts. 
  • Schools will be issued with instrument delivery and collection notes which should be retained for reference.



  • Instruments provided by Severn Arts are insured for theft and accidental damage. 
  • Thefts must be reported within 2 days of the incident to the Police and within 5 days to Severn Arts. Details of the crime number need to be included in the communication to Severn Arts. 
  • If a theft is not reported to the Police within the required time and the insurance claim is invalidated the school will be liable for the loss.
  • Accidental damage must be reported to Severn Arts within 5 days of the incident. 
  • The school is liable for any uninsured thefts (e.g., where the instrument has been left in an unattended vehicle.) 
  • If a school wishes to take instrument(s) out of the country for the purposes of trips/tours, they must notify Severn Arts by emailing [email protected] beforehand.