Music events across the West Midlands in March 2020Severn Arts are part of West Midlands Music, a collective of 14 regional music services with a shared commitment to ensuring high quality, progressive and ongoing music education for all children.
In March we embarked on a unique and ambitious collective project called Big Month of Music, celebrating the musical achievements of children across the entire region and investing in their musical learning in the long-term. 

This included a Big Sing, Big Play where we profiled 160 ‘One Minute of Music’ films of classrooms from across the West Midlands; Spotlight events shining a light on rock and pop, Local events across the region, and hosted open events for families where children could try out instruments and find out what their next musical steps might be.

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic many of the events in the second half of the month had to be cancelled. However, we still saw lots of music making, all profiled on West Midlands Music YouTube channel and including our Big Play film shown below.


For more information see the West Midlands Music website.