About the design

In my banner design I chose to use the symbolism of certain flowers and plants with relevance to Queen Elizabeth. Here, a floral tribute is especially appropriate because we often present people with a bouquet of flowers to say thank you. The added wording develops this idea. The collage border framing the composition echoes some of the colours but also contains lots of silvery grey, used to represent platinum.

I also wanted to create a floral array that would simply be pleasing in itself to viewers in Worcestershire. The combination of a semi-abstract, fairly ‘loose’ collage background with more finely painted flowers on top is one that I’ve tried and tested. It works with glazing and some outlining to create visual interest.

About the artist

"My admiration for Her Majesty the Queen inspired me to apply for this commission. I wanted to use the symbolism of flowers as a way of expressing some of her many qualities: her favourite flower, Lily of the Valley, symbolising among other things joy, discretion and devotion. Daisies for her birth month of  April, Purple Asters for wisdom and royalty, and Ivy for loyalty and commitment."


Susan Birth’s art work  ranges from representational to more semi-abstract and conceptual. She makes bold use of colour, pattern and texture and uses a variety of media to create lively pieces that hold the gaze and attention, maybe striking a chord or evoking a thought, emotion, mood or memory. She is drawn to floral art but also loves creating semi-abstract landscapes inspired by scenes encountered on her travels as well as imagined, enigmatic landscapes.

Susan has exhibited with the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours in Mall Galleries, London, the Broadway Art Festival Exhibition, and the recent Worcester Open Exhibition at Worcester University’s Art House. She is one of the working artists at Yew Trees Artist Studios, welcoming visitors Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm. A smaller selection of her work is on display at the Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery.