Thomas Jack Brown

The motivation behind applying for 'It Gets Lighter From Here' stemmed from viewing the raw material, an archive of home movie reel, and which I am using to create 'Christmas at George and Irma's'. When this opportunity was advertised it felt like a very natural fit to apply in the hope of bringing a light to dormant material and an opportunity to show my reinterpretation of these wonderful archive images. 

Thomas's proposal

'Christmas at George and Irma's' is a sixty-second video art piece showing Thomas Jack Brown's reinterpretation of archive footage of a family enjoying the Christmas period in 1969. Segments of film that capture human behaviour during Christmas have been opaquely layered over close-ups of objects associated with Christmas. In doing this, Thomas to collapse the captured events into a shorter reinterpreted narrative and aims to show his view of how memories tied to recurring events, such as Christmas Day, collapse into a collection where memories tied to recurring events blur and bleed into one another. 

About the artist

Thomas Jack Brown is a video artist, video installation artist and media freelance producer based in Worcestershire, United Kingdom. His current practice focuses on the reconstructive nature of memory. He does this by hand-crafting archive or self-shot Super8 film to change the captured images on the negatives.

Thomas Jack Brown