Creating Space will be starting a chain reaction of creative artwork production in Worcester City. Using the qualities and ethos of the art abandonment concept Creating Space will be inviting individuals to create and get involved in a virtual exhibition of gifted artworks.

How will this work?

On 20 May Creating Spaces founder Claire, will be delivering and abandoning pieces in Worcester with calls to action attached. The recipient of each pack will be invited to:

  • Keep the A6 artwork enclosed (and photograph it)

  • Create a new A6 artwork to pass on (and photograph it)

  • Pass on or abandon your newly made artwork with instructions attached for the next person to take part

  • Photographs will be sent to [email protected] to be added to an online virtual gallery which will be an ongoing record of artworks exchanged. One picture of each artwork will be used and the visual gallery will be ongoing.

Creating Space are designing and producing a designated landing page on their website with more in depth instructions for those who receive a call to action and the project will be continually updated as the collection unfolds. There is no theme, or suggested media, just size restrictions to ease in passing artwork on. We hope this project will serve as a creative motivation and connection between friends, artists and members of the public alike.

Sign up to Creating Space newsletter via their website if you would like to receive regular updates on the project moving forward. Creating Space would also love to know - have you ever abandoned artwork? Have you ever found a surprise creative gift? How did it make you feel? What did you find and where?