Sit down and have a cup of tea’, is a phrase that is often used to calm people down when they have had a shock, or if need cheering up.  A conversation over a cup of tea puts things in perspective and helps us to share a problem. This was the inspiration behind my idea.

Michelle Flint

Michelle has made a free-motion embroidered textile artwork of a tea set that shows how the community has been brought together and are supporting each other during the lockdown.  Each piece of the tea set focuses on different aspects of our lives. 

The teapot represents people helping the vulnerable by collecting shopping and walking pets. The milk jug shows the importance of conversation, cheering up those who are lonely and completely isolated.

The sugar bowl represents the children and how their lives have changed with home-schooling and activities that have been introduced by communities such as teddy bear hunts, to ease loneliness. 

The biscuit tin shows the key workers who are putting their lives in danger to ensure we can be safe and access vital resources.

The cup and saucer represent our hope of returning to normality soon.

Take part in mindfulness colouring…

See the applique with interactive icons, click on each piece to see and download a pdf printable mindfulness colouring sheet. The colouring sheets will be uploaded at different times and Michelle will announce it on her Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter when new ones are available.  There is one illustration for each part of the tea set. 

Take a moment to relax and colour the artwork, and if you like, take a photograph, and send it to [email protected] and she will upload it onto her WordPress page CreativiTea