Emma and Freddie were commissioned by Severn Arts to demonstrate the positive impact of participating in arts and culture through their education. The below films were their responses. The films were shown for the first time at Creativity Exchange 2022, an event organised by Worcestershire Cultural Education Partnership for teachers and creatives.

OrigaME by Emma Bourke

I went for the commission as the teachers in my life and the safe spaces they created had a profound impact on me. Without my Great Grandma, I wouldn't have grasped how important the arts were in creating connections with people, even those who were usually unreachable. My Grandma's dementia prevented me from knowing her as she had been but we got to have a relationship through my hospital bedside shows. And Lenny Love! He convinced me to pursue the performing arts as a career and gave me so much confidence in myself. I think he knew the only way I would be happy in life was if I was creating art. The commission saw me work with a professional film-maker and helped me develop new skills, trying out a performance medium I had never worked with perform. It helped me expand my artistic abilities and highlighted how important the arts are in the development of young people.

Lifted by Freddie Barker

Creativity Exchange was an absolutely fantastic event - really warm and friendly environment. It’s so nice to see such a brilliant community made of passionate creative mentors and teachers. It makes me really glad to be able to attend an event that really acknowledges (and celebrates) the immense impact dedicated arts teachers can bring to children and young people!