With current restrictions on visitation to care settings, it can be a lonely and confusing time for people who live in care settings across Worcestershire. I want to help bring JOY in this time which is why I have created The Teacup.

Fi Petts

The Teacup
is a digital seated dance workshop where Worcestershire care homes can enJOY a safe creative activity in the comfort of their own home.

The story follows a teacup trying to get to the Tea Party on time. On the way, the teacup passes different places including a safari and even a 1950s seaside town. This story is told through playful creative movements and gestures, props and music which residents can watch, listen and take part in.

This fun workshop will allow residents to respond to the movements, music and props to help express their own feelings and imagination.

The Teacup workshop

About the artist

Fi Petts is a Worcestershire based Dance Artist who runs a dance company called FP DANCE.   

Since May 2019 she’s been developing and delivering a dance and movement program called enJOY Seated Dance. This programme is specifically for adults and older people with reduced mobility or suffer with long term health conditions or disabilities. She emphasises the JOY of dance while providing ways to express an individual’s creativity. The aim of the work is to use dance to help tackle loneliness within a person’s later life and to engage physically and emotionally through social creative dance and movement projects and workshops.