We provide an accessible and broad range of music services to engage and encourage children and young people to explore their creativity (herein after referred to as students). There is no requirement for schools to provide free access to music lessons, but we aim to ensure affordable music lessons and wider music services are available to students both in schools and in our music centres out of school hours. We are committed to working with all Worcestershire schools where possible. 

We offer subsidised rates for students who are resident and/or attending state sector schools in Worcestershire. Individual, small group and whole class tuition booked by schools is charged at £45.00 per hour and £47.28 per hour when booked directly by parents/carers. For example, this would mean that a 30-minute lesson for three students would cost £7.50/£7.88 each.

Subsidised instrument hire is available to individual students who are resident and/or attending state sector schools in Worcestershire. All instruments (subject to availability) are hired at the same rate. Hire rates are £36.40 per instrument per term (or part thereof). The first payment must be paid before the instrument is released. Further charges will be invoiced at the beginning of each term. Instruments will be supplied ready to play having been fully serviced. The replacement of consumable items (such as reeds) is the responsibility of the student/parent/guardian. Subsidised instrument hire includes full insurance, including accidental damage. 

Instrument hire is also available to individuals or groups who do not qualify for the subsidised rate. Rates vary depending on the instrument and duration of hire. Suitable insurance is the responsibility of the hirer. 

Worcestershire schools are also able to hire instruments on the same subsidised basis as students. In addition, instruments are provided free of charge to schools for First Access Music Education (FAME) sessions. Schools taking part in the Play On! initiative are able to hire instruments for the sessions at the reduced rate of £14.50 per term. 

Membership of orchestras and bands is open to all young people who have achieved around grade 5 or equivalent (grade 3 for Worcestershire Intermediate Orchestra). Membership costs £150.00 a year (payable in three equal instalments in Autumn, Spring and Summer terms). There is no additional charge for joining multiple orchestras or bands. 

Further help with costs is available to students whose families meet specific criteria. To qualify, parents or guardians or the student must be in receipt of at least one of the following:

  • Free school meals (excluding Universal infant free school meals (UIFSM))
  • Universal Credit (or Housing Benefit, Income Support, Income-based JSA, Income-based ESA, Working tax Credit)
  • Incapacity Benefit
  • Pension Credit 
  • Student is a Looked After Child or Previously Looked After Child

Unless the student is entitled to free school meals and we can confirm this with the school, those claiming further help will need to provide supporting documentation. 

Those students who qualify for help with costs are entitled to free music instrument hire and free membership of bands and orchestras. They can also apply for a Music Award which provides £50.00 off the cost of tuition per term for one year. The number of Music Awards is limited in each academic year. Each student is only entitled to one Music Award. 

Students who qualify for help with costs are encouraged to ask their school if they have any additional support they might be able to offer. There are also schemes run by other trusts and organisations that may be able to offer further support. See the 'help with Costs' page of the Severn Arts website for more suggestions. 

If you have any other questions or queries about our Charges, Remissions and Subsidy, please contact us on [email protected]