Future Talent supports gifted young musicians from low income backgrounds from anywhere in the UK, typically families who have a household income of around £30,000 per year, or less, before tax (including benefits). Any young musicians on free school dinners would be eligible for one of these bursaries. Bursaries of up to £2,000 per year can be used on anything that will help to nurture a young musicians’ talent. For example, funds can be used for lessons, a new instrument or case, courses or maintenance. There is no specific grade requirement or level that needs to be reached. Some examples, given by the trust include: 

  • 16/17 year old, grade 7/8 musician who is planning to study music in heighted education and needs their own instrument or extra lessons 
  • 13 year old who has been learning for a few years and is progressing really quickly, who would really benefit from taking part in an ensemble/orchestral course, or who needs some more support with costs 
  • A year 5 or 6 continuer, who has gone through wider opportunities, and has managed to reach grade 2/3 by the end of primary school, but whose parents cannot afford to carry on with lessons 

The Mentoring, Advice and Bursary Programme also offers free orchestral days and performance classes, mentoring with a professional musician/conductor and development opportunities.

Future Talent