Our mission at Severn Arts is to enable access for all young people to take up music, art, creative opportunities and be able to do that without any barriers such as cost or knowledge. We firmly believe in creative education, which brings so much; empowerment, confidence, the ability to think, imagination, emotional well-being and most of all, joy and happiness and fun! We want all young people to know what it feels like to play a tune, sing a song, draw a picture, invent a game and feel that these things are valued and cherished as vital to our future society and, indeed, our economy. Creative industries are an option, we bring in over £8 billion to this country and to continue to grow this sector, we need young people to choose the cultural sector as a viable career. Our Music Awards can kickstart that interest and awareness of what a career in music and other artforms looks like. We need them to feel inspired to ensure the future of the creative and cultural sector. And if I can start playing the cello in my late 50s, anyone can!

Laura Worsfold