A bit about me


I started playing the trumpet at 7 years old and after 11 years of constant development in my passion, music performance had become  something I wanted to pursue during my time, not just at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, but for the rest of my life.

Not many children keep constant interest in something for a while but for me it’s different. I knew I wanted to play a musical instrument; the trumpet was my favourite out of all the brass instruments, and after first picking it up, I had a moment of complete clarity - this was what I wanted to dedicate my life to.

From starting in beginner/youth wind bands, and jazz ensembles through Seven Arts in Worcestershire, I have acquired a wealth of social and musical experience. This has allowed me to experience different avenues in music, whether it’s film music or jazz, my musical surroundings have helped shape my performing abilities as a performer.

Whilst studying at the Conservatoire I’ve had many opportunities presented to me which I would love to put into practice when I graduate – things like performing and recording film compositions and playing in pit bands in theatres which I’ve had the pleasure of doing a couple times with Dynamik Theatre based in Worcestershire.

By being apart of the Seven Arts community, you meet some amazing people who encourage and shape you as a musician through your time there, and I am truly lucky to have been, and continue to still be involved in such an awesome organisation.