In Spring 2023, Severn Arts took their instrument and technology packed Music Box to the REDI Centre in Redditch, to provide five fortnightly music sessions to a group of young children.   

These sessions were kindly supported by The Saintbury Trust. 

Who took part? 

Those who took part were home educated children who miss out on musical learning at school and who wanted to experience something hands on and different, building their skills together.   

Eight young people took part on a regular basis.  

What did they do? 

Over five sessions, the group progressed from learning the basics of the technology on the Music Box such as a drum machine, mixing desk, synthesiser and vocal booth to actually writing and recording their own songs together! 

Hear their creations here.  Firstly, their version of a 1960s classic, and then their own words to the same tune 😊

Home Ed Group 1

Home Ed Group 2

What was the impact? 

Between the first and last session, young people who attended rated their own understanding of music.  By the last session, seven of the eight gave themselves a top score for understanding music!   

Four of the eight gave themselves a top score for feeling confident with music-making by the last session, with four more just below this top score. 

All eight said they wanted to get more involved with music by the last session! 

The children worked in two groups of four.  By the end of session one, they weren’t showing any signs of shyness and had started to work together.  They commented on how they trusted each other and were excited to work on a project together.  The idea of creating a parody version of the chosen song came from the group itself.  One young girl’s confidence really grew and by session four, she led the group with enthusiasm.  In the final session, all group members took part in the singing, and each had a role with the recording. Group organisers fed back that the young people had loved taking part in the music sessions and we were able to signpost for continuation activity.