What is Islands in the Sky?

Artist Andrew James Round has created a game where you can explore a series of interconnected islands floating above the city of Worcester. The virtual world is made up of small interconnected spaces that aim to express the creativity of the people of Worcestershire and how private worlds/spaces exist in relation to everybody else's. The islands are made up of rooms created by children and their families from Worcestershire and the surrounding areas. Enjoy exploring! 

Play Islands in the Sky

Thank you to everybody who sent in their designs and everybody at Severn Arts who made it happen behind the scenes.  It's been a real pleasure getting to see all the children's work and I am really happy I was able to include it all in the game.

Andrew Round

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the making of Islands in the Sky:

Alfie Quarmby, Archie Jones, Austin Bennett, Bryony Summerton, Charlotte Adderley, Chloe, Chloe Drew, Chloe Redding, Christina Bai, Cruz Carter, Daisy, Darcie Archer, Edie Porter, Eillithia Ruth Firth, Ellie Keay-Bourne, Elliott Michael Uberman, Emily Hawkins, Finnlay Groves, Fred, Gabriel Grimstvedt, George, George Davey, Grace L, Hayden Smith, Ida, Jack Bradley, Jack Claridge, Jack Harley, Jackson, Jacob Grimstvedt, Jacob Knight, Jamie Jones, Jamie Wells, Jennifer Massey, Jess Carter, Joseph Smith, Josh Pinnington, Lauren and Adam, Lily, Lily D'Oliveira, Logaan McCormick, Madison Peace, Maja Fijolek, Marley Weston, Martin D'Oliveira, Matilda Neale, Matthew Davies, Max Llewellyn, Merryn Bird, Milly Burgess, Nicholas Sabillion, Noah Kelly, Oliver Newell, Oliver Pinnington, Owen Snailham, Rees, S.B., Ruby Savage, Simeon Powell, Sophia Kerr, Sophie Adderley, Sophie Bryson, Stan Brooks, Stella Quarmby, Taylor Breslin, Thomas, Toby Allsop, Toby Stokes, Tyler, Wareesha Hassan, Warwick Smith, William Massey, Zac Carter, Zach Ince Cox 

Bengeworth CE Academy, Bishop Perowne Church of England College, Blackminster Middle School, Chawson First School, Christopher Whitehead Language College, Dodford First School, Franche Community Primary School, Hagley Catholic High School, Hagley Primary School, Holy Redeemer Catholic Primary School, Holy Trinity School, King Charles I School, North Worcester Primary Academy, Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Primary School, Pendock CE Primary School, St Egwins C.E. Middle School, St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Droitwich, St Luke's CE First School, St Peter's Droitwich C of E Academy, Swan Lane First School, Walkwood Church of England Middle School, Westacre Middle School, Witton Middle School