Jack’s Place is a community-based day centre for, older adults, adults with disabilities and adults with mental health issues. They are situated out on a rural location on a working farm in Berrow, near Malvern.  

“We are driven by a social mission to bring our communities together.” 

Jack’s Place care was created in 2008 by Hannah James who has worked in care since she left school but was frustrated with the existing day care provision – and people not reaching their potential or having any meaningful activities to do, so she set up her own place on the family farm. This grew too big after lockdown, so Hannah moved to a new location in October 2022 and changed it from a LTD company to a Community Care Company in July 2023.  

Sarah Edwards from Spare Room Arts worked with the group to create a mural that best represents Jack’s Place, the group and the unique things that are important to them. Sarah talked to each person about what they wanted to see on the artwork and found a way to incorporate everyone’s ideas. 

Spare Room Arts deliver inclusive, creative workshops for absolutely anybody, regardless of age, ability or background. They use accessible and sustainable materials and are dedicated to guiding and celebrating every participant’s creative voice. Sarah first went out to visit the group, to get a feel for their organisation, clients and staff, their location, ethos and values and to see how the group all interact with each other - and most importantly to consult with them about their wishes for the project. Sarah then went away to reflect on how best to create and showcase an individual bespoke piece of artwork that will tell their story and how best to engage their clients, some of whom do not always want to take part in the arts activities provided.

“I liked that Sarah listened to what interested me (music and motor racing) and made them part of the artwork my contribution felt really valued and they are a really important part of who I am and what interests me.” 

Their inhouse artist has expressed that they have been inspired to coax some of the more reluctant members to take part in activities and wants to focus on this in the future. They want all that attend Jack’s Place to do things want to do and that they are interested in. Seeing further involvement in activities post project, the team now want to provide the artists will more arts and crafts materials to further support these kinds of activities.