As a visual artist who works with groups of people it has been quite a struggle to accept isolation and not sharing ideas and pieces of art with the groups I teach and facilitate. I think and I hear from many people how social distancing is really alien to their lifestyles which would usually include plenty of social interaction, fun, jokes etc. Therefore, my idea and concept for this piece is around the ways in which people are still communicating with others but without traditional meet and greet. Visually what has interested me is the way in which people in my village have put things on their drives, in their windows etc. I have also observed and become interested in the once a day exercise routine. I have noticed how nature/ spring – the seasons are still happening around us, while I feel like the world holds its breath waiting for the outcome of this pandemic, nature carries on with its usual rhythms unhindered.

Kay Mullett, Care Ceramics CIC


Kay produced her  piece of work over a two week period. The montage of inspiration is created from her observations and explorations during lockdown. With photos, drawings, paintings and found objects in the finished piece, there is something that will speak to everyone, a bit like a conversation about our current experience but with images rather than words. 

When not in lockdown Kay runs a bespoke day opportunities for people with learning difficulties called Care Ceramics, people with a variety of abilities come together to learn art techniques, make and create and to socialise, have fun and make friends. If you would like more info about this please contact Kay on [email protected] or 07925 167001. Kay teaches groups pottery, drawing and painting at Worcester Arts Workshop and is currently teaching some Zoom sessions, if you would like to know more about these please go to