Location: Cathedral Square 
Time: 6 - 9pm

Audio description

Drawing inspiration from the 1960s Optical Art, Kinetic Perspective starts with a perpetual outward-spinning circle to craft abstract, immersive geometric illusions. Comprising sixteen synchronized illusions, involving paired spinning circles, the installation creates a vanishing point at eye level, prompting visitors to engage actively. By moving around, the audience uncovers intricate patterns, glimmers, and distortions, revealing a concealed geometry. The artist skilfully manipulates perspective, giving the illusion of perpetual movement. Kinetic Perspective invites viewers to explore the interplay between optical effects and hidden 
structures, providing an experiential journey into the fascinating world of geometric abstraction and visual perception.
About Juan Fuentes

Juan Fuentes, an architect with expertise in lighting and digital manufacturing, merges perception and geometry, creating immersive experiences inspired by biomimicry. Juan was awarded the 40under40 in 2021. 

Visit Juan Fuentes' website and social media accounts via the links below for more information.