As part of our Musical Inclusion Strategy we have also developed a musically inclusive programme called Lead the Beat to champion music as a vehicle to improve and raise the attainment of children in challenging circumstances. Our Lead the Beat programme is suitable for any child or young person who may benefit from a different approach to music making for example, pupils with Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) or Personal Education Plan (PEP). The programme is delivered by MAC musicians and Severn Arts music teachers.

What does the Lead the Beat programme include? 

The programme provides a specialist music leader to deliver a range of creative and inclusive music sessions tailored to meet the needs of the students identified by the school. Focus in each session is on fun and engaging music activities which encourage personal and social outcomes as well as developing life skills. The programme may be jointly funded by Pupil Premium grants if appropriate, supporting the educational outcomes set in an EHCP or PEP.

What activities are delivered as part of the programme?
  • Singing in a group
  • Small group instrumental sessions
  • Song writing sessions as 1 2 1, paired or small group activities
  • Band development projects for students who would benefit from social aspect of playing together
  • Recording pupil’s work as alternative to performance activities if appropriate
  • World music – djembe, gamelan etc.

Download Lead the Beat programme details

You can also find out more about working inclusively in the film and guide produced by MAC Makes Music. 

 A Short Guide to Working Inclusively Through Music

Please contact Debbie Fawcett at [email protected] to discuss a Lead the Beat programme for your school.