Founded by Bryony Gordon in 2016, Mental Health Mates is a nationwide network of volunteer led, peer support groups that encourage people to get moving and talking about their mental health. The Malvern branch was set up in 2020 during lockdown. Walking and talking is great for mental health but were also something that fitted into the guidelines of lockdown. Since 2020 the groups have expanded to coffee meet up and one-off workshops.   

On these walks there be anywhere from 3-10 people join in, some regular, some new. Although Malvern based the group does branch out and often vary the location to accommodate members who can/can’t travel, or who can/can’t manage hills.  

“It’s a space for people when they most need it.”  

In the future the group will continue with these regular walks whilst trying to change up the day, time, location and type of walks in hope of connecting with new people.