Kieran Hunt

I was drawn to the It Gets Lighter From Here campaign because of it’s concept to provide hundreds of moments of happiness and hope across the Midlands during these unusual times that we are all going through. My inspiration behind the work that I will be producing is the medium of Abstract Expressionism and it’s ability to convey the sentiments of happiness and hope.

Kieran's proposal

My digital work is a body of work influenced by Abstract Expressionism and how abstract work can make a connection to a viewer, potentially conveying set feelings. I have been exploring the themes of happiness and hope through using photography to reflect everyday moments of joy and optimism during the current Coronavirus pandemic. Through experimentation I have focused on presented shapes, patterns, and forms of these everyday moments. With initial results, the emphasis on the presented shapes, patterns, and forms (rather than clear, in focus subject matter) seem to force us as viewers to derive our own interpretations and hopefully begin to invoke senses of happiness and hope.

About the artist

Kieran Hunt is a Worcestershire based artist predominantly using photography and graphic design. From having a wide family interest in photography, Kieran grew up in a Worcestershire village following his father’s footsteps and passion for photography. When he was about ten years old he received his first ever camera, and immersed himself in taking pictures. Something clicked (no pun intended!) from these very early moments.  

Today, Kieran's passion for image making is as strong as ever! He provides image making for a range of creative areas, brands, and organisations, including editorial and advertising fields. Running alongside his commission work Kieran's own personal work encompasses a variety of traditional, innovative, and experimental image making methods.