In Spring 2023, Severn Arts took the Music Box to the Harvington Village Hall in Harvington, to provide five fortnightly music sessions to a group of young children who attend the Baptish Church Youth Group. 

These sessions were kindly supported by Wychavon Council.

Who took part? 

The sessions were aimed at young people living in a rural area who might not have access to music technology in their village. Eight  Harvington Youth club members took part on a regular basis.  

What did they do? 

Over five sessions, the group progressed from learning the basics of the technology on the Music Box such as the drum machine, mixing desk, synthesiser and vocal booth to actually writing and recording their own songs together! 

The group worked together to remake a Queen classic 'I Want It All'. Have a listen below to how they used the equipment in the Music Box to create their music:

What was the impact? 

When the project began, four members of the group said they played an instrument and the other four members said they did not. By the end of the project, seven out of eight of the group members said they now knew how to play an instrument.

At the beginning, two group members reported feeling no confidence whatsoever in playing an instrument. However, when asked at the end of the project all the members of the group reported feeling at least somewhat confident, with a few feeling very confident.

The students grew in confidence throughout their workshops, becoming familiar with the instruments and making music. When asked about the experience, one student said:

"Music Box has taught me lots about editing and creating music and I’ve learnt more about how music can be played and how I can also play it."

The Music Box allows young people in smaller villages who may not get the chance to experience music an opportunity to use exciting equipment, learn more about music, and create a finished piece at the end of the project.