Students on Worcestershire’s Furthering Talent programme were inspired by musicians from Birmingham Contemporary Music Group to compose their own music at the first of their online Get Togethers. 

“It was awesome!”  “I heard some things I hadn’t heard before like blowing through the bottom of my cornet!” and “utterly absolutely amazing!” were some of the comments the participants made about the event. 

This Spring 25 students selected from across Worcestershire started on the local Awards for Young Musicians Furthering Talent programme managed by Severn ArtsThe programme provides young people from low-income families who have shown musical potential the opportunity to learn and develop 

For two years each student receives 30 minutes of individual instrumental weekly tuition and access to a personal bursary fund to help them achieve their musical goalsThe programme also includes termly Get Togethers with workshops and the opportunity to socialise. 

Becky Woodcock, Severn Arts Project Co-ordinator said: “We didn’t have the start that we expected this term as we have had to deliver most lessons online, but this certainly hasn’t held us back. We have delivered everything from instruments and music stands to reeds, books and valve oil direct to pupil’s homes to make sure they can make music successfully.  

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group led the composition workshop at our first Get Together in March. It was a fun session for the students who were encouraged to explore ‘Three Pieces for String Quartet’ by Russian composer Igor StravinskyThis movement was inspired by the music hall performer and clown Little Toch and his Big Boots routine and so our participants composed their own music inspired by clown like movements, using their instruments in unusual ways and finding new and interesting sounds.  

Oonagh Humphrey, Severn Arts Instrumental Teacher commented: “The team from Birmingham Contemporary Music Group were superb - great ideas and so encouraging. I enjoyed the afternoon a great deal and learnt a lot as well.  I could see the student’s confidence growing throughout the workshop, which was wonderful.” 

If you know a young person in Worcestershire with musical potential facing financial barriers that might be interested in joining the programme Severn Arts would like to hear from youContact Worcestershire Furthering Talent Local Coordinator Becky Woodcock: [email protected] for more information. 

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Awards for Young Musicians Furthering Talent programme