Artist Mark Murphy, who was commissioned to create a brand-new large-scale projection for Light Night Worcester 2021, has been working with Severn Arts to inspire the next generation of creatives in a collage-making workshop at Christopher Whitehead Language College in Worcester. 

Mark, who is a designer and artist from Birmingham, has used vintage images to create a series of large-scale collages looking into the future. The work was projected on the side of Goodlife Barbers on New Street  during The Arches Festivals’ Light Night Worcester last month.  

Elaine Knight, Arts Director, Severn Arts says: “Through our arts and festivals programmes there are many opportunities for people to get involved in new creative experiences and learning, like this workshop. It can be really inspirational for budding creatives to hear first-hand from a world-class artist, how a technique they can learn at school could be translated into a career. In 10 years' time we might see work by these students at a festival like Light Night.” 

20 students from Christopher Whitehead Language College had the opportunity to hear from Mark and ask questions about his artistic practice. The students, who have all chosen or are thinking of choosing Art as a GCSE option, also tried their hand at creating collages using Mark’s tips and guidance. 

Year 9 student, Christopher Whitehead Language College says: “I've enjoyed learning different things about how to make collages and I've really enjoyed working with other people and learning new things” 

Tonia Jones, Head of Art and Design, Christopher Whitehead Language College says: "Students found it fascinating to learn about the history of the technique and how Mark uses this to communicate ideas visually. Students were tasked with creating their own collage ideas using magazines and some vintage illustrations compiled by Mark. They produced some very lively, thought provoking and sometimes humorous images. Students and staff also attended Light Night to see Mark's creations brought to life in New Street. Several students were excited by the technique and will be developing ideas further as part of their coursework." 

Watch a video about the workshop, see more images of the students’ creations, or try your hand at collage by downloading the kit Mark created at:  

Schools that are interested in getting involved in opportunities like this workshop can register their interest with Joanna Freeman, Projects Manager at Severn Arts [email protected].