About the design

I wanted to convey a picture from each decade that the Queen has reigned to show how she remains such an active figure. According to Vogue she has worn blue the most during public appearances (29%). They provided an article with a great colour palette of all her outfits, and I used a range of blue tones to complete the image, with royal blue as the dominant colour to demonstrate her reigning authority. Additionally, I included some of her favourite things behind her as a backdrop pattern. Her Corgis, a picture of a young Prince Phillip and her favourite flower, Lily of the Valley.

About the artist

"I chose the quote 'I have to be seen to be believed' as Her Majesty the Queen understands why visibility is important. She provides a spotlight to a range of issues across the world. She has remained an active and visible figure for the last 70 years. She also recognises how her presence is a relationship between herself and the range of people that she meets. As a royal figure she has managed to navigate some incredible moments in history. She is a Patron to more than 600 charities and organisations across the UK and the Commonwealth and her visibility supports those charities."


Oliver Bliss has a textile-based practice and lives in Worcester. He enjoys using textiles as a starting point within his work, whilst exploring themes of identity, sexuality, and gender within his personal practice. Oly is currently touring a new series of work titled 'Soft Lads'. These are largescale handmade pictorial contemporary tapestries.

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