What is the Pic-a-Primrose project?

It’s an opportunity Moosecat Creative Ltd have developed to help create a lockdown legacy and support Primrose Hospice.

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How does it work?

People take photos of things that connect to the three themes of: Care, Compassion, and Community, then submit the pictures to our online gallery.

What type of pictures?

It could be someone being given a cup of tea, or a shopping delivery. A moment that means Care, Compassion or Community to you.

What happens to the pictures?

We curate the submissions (to make sure they’re family friendly for example) and then add the suitable ones to our gallery.

Can I send a few words about the picture when I submit?

Yes, please do.

What happens next?

After the lockdown is lifted, if we’ve received enough pictures, we’ll hold a pop-up art gallery exhibition and publicly show the pictures, and the comments. We’ll use some of the pictures to create merchandise too, to sell and raise some funds for the Primrose Hospice.

So, if I send a picture I could have it shown in an art exhibition?

Yes, yes you can.

And my picture could help raise money and awareness for the Primrose Hospice too?


Do I have to send money when I submit my photograph?

No, it’s free to submit, no charge.

Do I have to be connected to the Primrose Hospice?

No, this project is for anyone to join in.

Visit the Pic-a-Primrose submit page, to send in your own pictures.

The Pic-a-Primrose logo has been designed by Bridget Dowty.