About the design

The underpinning principle behind the banner design is to visually communicate and convey a celebration atmosphere and mood, whilst also clearly signifying the occasion (from the use of the 70 symbol and the image of the Queen). Through experimentation, the use of bold shapes and contrasting colours, I aim to reflect a celebration atmosphere and mood.

About the artist

"I was drawn to apply for this commission as the Platinum Jubilee is a once in a lifetime occasion, and I was excited to see how I might create a piece of work to visually communicate the occasion and it’s celebratory atmosphere."


Kieran Hunt is a Worcestershire-based artist predominantly using photography and graphic design. From having a wide family interest in photography, Kieran grew up in a Worcestershire village following his father’s footsteps and passion for photography. When he was about ten years old, he received his first ever camera, and immersed himself in taking pictures. Something clicked (no pun intended!) from these very early moments. 

Today, Kieran provides image making for a range of creative areas, brands, and organisations. Running alongside his commissions, Kieran's own personal work encompasses a variety of traditional, innovative, and experimental image making methods.