Through the collaboration of film (Nicola Prestage), music (Kai Chareunsy), and dance (Devon Nelson), (r)evolve examines the role of improvisation in each of these art forms and explores themes of growth, circular motion, and balance in response to the Spring Equinox - look out for how these themes are manifested throughout the piece. (r)evolve can be viewed as being composed of two main sections; calling, and arrival. 

The relationship between movement and percussion harkens back to older times, and speaks to the deep desire in us to celebrate the coming of new life following darker days. The setting of Birmingham’s Cannonhill Park provides a space in which the performers can respond to each others creative decisions, as well as the array of naturally occurring stimuli from birdsong to cool breezes.

About the collaborators


Kai Chareunsy is a musician and composer with a background in jazz and improvised music, and more recently, an interest in electro-acoustic music. His compositional output explores music that exists in a space between these two quite disparate worlds, through the sonic manipulation of improvising musicians playing acoustic instruments. Known for his sensibility to sound and melodic approach to drumming, he is becoming an established member of the U.K. music scene and has worked with a number of outstanding national and international artists, as well as receiving commissions from notable venues such as THSH. Kai graduated with first-class honours from a scholarship at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and was awarded the Jazz Prize for commitment and dedication.

This project has been an exciting opportunity to explore the intersection of music, dance, and film, in particular, how each of these disciplines relate to and use improvisation.  Performing outside was a great way to explore this as we had the direct stimulus of nature and spring, allowing each of us to respond to the environment through our respective art forms and interact with one-another in a live setting.


Devon Nelson is a movement artist that celebrates a holistic experience of the BodyMind. He enjoys exploring textures, shapes and energies that both blend and disjoint the boundaries of dance styles. He appreciates ‘larger than life’ movement and constantly strives to find ways to push his body technically. As someone of dual heritage and a member of the LGBTQ+ community He struggled for some time with finding where he ‘fit in.’ For this reason, Devon has found value in the duality of polar opposites and synchronising the luminal space between them. “I approach choreography from both a strict architectural place, focussing on line and shape as well as recently exploring a more free, improvised and energetic place to further challenge myself as an artist."

Being involved with Severn Arts’ Spring is Calling has been so refreshing after a long time of not being able to do much as an artist. It’s been really grounding to work with artists outside my field and I have loved how organically the creative process has unfolded, learning from each other as we go.


Nicola Prestage is a documentary filmmaker, digital artist and film facilitator. Her film career started over a decade ago filming and producing adverts and customer insight films for clients such as L'Oreal, River Island, John Lewis, Jaguar and Ebay.

Her digital artwork has been displayed at various galleries throughout the UK including Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and along side Grayson Perry’s artwork at The National Trust, Croome Court.

For the past 8 years she has filmed and produced documentaries that support her personal theme of love and acceptance, filming over 200 adults and children sharing their personal stories and lived experiences.

She produces creative and engaging films which promotes an understanding of the challenges people face which in turn helps to educate and dispel negative stereotypes.  She is also passionate about facilitating projects to build self-esteem, confidence, group cohesion and transferable skills to enable participants to engage and contribute positively in society.  She has successfully worked with the following communities Mental Health, LGBTQI+, Looked After Children, Recovering Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Ex-Offenders, Hearing Impaired, Physically and Mentally Disabled, PRU's & Hospital Schools.

I am excited about having the opportunity to be creative without the restraints of a structured brief. Having the freedom to take creative risks. Working with two other artists who agreed that improvisation was the key to our collaboration. The challenge of showcasing the process and performance to a 3 minute time frame.