About the Schools Printed Music Licence

Did you know:

  • Your school has a Schools Printed Music Licence funded by the Department for Education, meaning that you can legally photocopy and arrange music for your curricular and extra-curricular music activity? 
  • Your school is required to report data on any printed music you are copying and arranging?
  • That by reporting your data, you directly help to ensure that the right composers and songwriters get paid for their music?

Every Copy Counts supports primary and secondary schools to learn about the licence and its benefits for students, and helps teachers to submit data each year.

What’s in it for your school?

By reporting data on your printed music usage you will gain free access to content created by teachers and music educators including exclusive classroom resources with new ideas and strategies for exploring composing and songwriting with your students; webinars for your students bringing composers, songwriters and industry experts into your classroom; guidance on licensing and the music publishing industry, and much more.

Getting involved is easy!
  1. Visit www.everycopycounts.co.uk and subscribe to the newsletter to get all the latest news, tips and information about the Schools Printed Music Licence
  2. Register your school on the Printed Music Licensing Limited portal where data can be uploaded
  3. Submit your sheet music data during the Annual Copycat Challenge week beginning 20 June
  4. Follow @EveryCopyCounts

Every Copy Counts is a team of passionate music educators. If you have any general enquiries about the Schools Printed Music Licence or Every Copy Counts please email [email protected].