Meet Dylan, aged 10, from the West Midlands:

Dylan has just joined the amazing Furthering Talent Programme which Severn Arts runs in partnership with Awards for Young Musicians.

Dylan plays electric guitar and performs in his family’s rock band called Ludki. Dylan loves writing his own songs and often goes to visit family in Poland where his Uncle has a recording studio. 

Dylan and his family have recorded a song in Polish called ‘Pielgrzymka życia’ and translates to ‘Pilgrimage of life’, which you can listen to on Youtube or Spotify. Well done to Dylan for his incredible talent at such a young age!

Check out the family band, Ludki, and their song here.


Rachel is Worcestershire’s new Furthering Talent Connector and is here to help connect young musicians and their families to the right information and opportunities to support musical development.  If you have a music query about next steps or groups to join complete our online form and Rachel will get back in touch with you.