Surreal Reality is an artistic response derived from a desire to reflect, explore and inspire positive outcomes experienced during the isolation period of Covid-19.

I decided to use a variety of mixed media textiles techniques and repurposed items to create a raw, insightful approach to the #CreativeConnections theme. My specialist area of fashion/textiles influenced the creative outcomes, albeit in a subdued manner. The starting point was a preloved, 2 dimensional canvas which was used as a base to develop ideas and reflect input gathered from audience participation.
Additional elements appeared as my creative journey progressed. The positive impact of creativity on mental health and emotional wellbeing, in addition to the benefits of health and fitness were key, underlying discussion points that helped steer the direction of the design content.

Roz, designer/maker at Complex Simplicity

Watch the key stages of Roz's creative journey in the video below.

Intended outcomes

The final outcome is anticipated to respond in a positive, creative manner and offer a portal of inspiration, support, advice and sign-posting for the range of emotions that are being experienced by many that may feel somewhat surreal as we attempt to adjust and respond to this current reality. 

How to get involved

Follow your own creative journey using Roz's creative activity sheet.

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