A collaborative short story project on Twitter


Nick is a writer who’s excited by ways of telling and sharing stories that connect people. Nick asked people across Worcestershire to work together to create a short story over the course of five days — Monday 18 to Friday 22 May — on Twitter.

The story is be made up of five parts, each a single tweet chosen from Worcestershire people’s submissions day by day.

No writing experience was needed. Just an idea of what might happen next that could be told within a tweet.

Along the Nick shared storytelling tips, offered and encouraged supportive feedback, and gave an insight into the story decisions for choosing each part of the piece.

We had a good response, and we have a fun story that I hope people are proud of. I’ve had tweets from a number of the people who got involved saying how much they’ve enjoyed it.

Nick Fogg

How the story went:

Storytelling tips