#WAWMantle digital project is asked children to share their visual arts work with Worcester Arts Workshop (WAW) and their community.

At Worcester Arts Workshop we believe children learn best through creative child-led activity. Children have a lot to deal with at the moment, as they experience enormous change to their daily lives. We want to find opportunities for children to be creative during this time, connecting with other children and their communities virtually before they are able to again enjoy meaningful social contact and live collaborative creative opportunities. In Mantle learning, children take on the role of expert, helping to increase their confidence, communication, critical thinking and creativity.

Worcester Arts Workshop

Get involved

Worcester Arts Workshop kicked off the #WAWMantle project by asking children to make / draw / paint /sculpt their favourite character using any materials they would like and to share them with WAW.

In sharing their projects and ideas and taking on the role of artists and teachers young people can inspire each other.

The response to the project was very positive, with local young people sending in their photos and videos of pictures and sculptures they had made, a small selection are shown below.

Worcester Arts Workshop