Lauren Trim

I am really excited to be a part of the ‘It Gets Lighter From Here’ commission and will be creating a solo dance film that investigates how we can use daylight to seek solace in the longer days moving forward. The commission provides an opportunity to contribute to the cultural landscape of Worcester and is inspired by the positivity I felt through seeking sunlight during lockdown and wanting to share the joy it brought to me.

Lauren's proposal

My proposal is an improvised solo dance film that looks forward beyond a time of darkness to a future that is bright and hopeful. The project plays with the winter sunlight in and around Worcester, exploring what it means to let go where a weight is lifted from the body. The music was created specifically for the commission in collaboration with musicians from local bands The Arboretum and Eva and the Blue Dive, developing a dynamic accompanying sound score. The film is focused around finding ways to express the joy that follows a release; the light that follows the dark.

About the artist

Lauren Trim is an independent dance artist, choreographer and facilitator. Her choreographic practice is rooted in somatic and improvised movement which often incorporates sourced physical materials, spoken word and collaboration. Lauren's current work enquires into social issues such as the social and ecological climate we currently face, always utilising the body as a source of knowledge and resource for change. Her facilitation work spans many settings including community, higher education and outreach work for people of all ages and dance experience. Lauren’s passion in dance is to empower and unite people through both her choreographic and facilitation work.

Lauren Trim

The Blue Dive

The Arboretum

Image: Daniel Johnson Gray