New school introductory whole-class offer 

£500 - one term of whole class music tuition for children new to learning to play a musical instrument 

Our package offer:

  • delivering the music national curriculum to a whole class
  • introducing children to performing and composing, listening and appraising and posture and technique
  • teaching pitch (high and low sounds), dynamics (loud and quiet), basic structure, appropriate notation and vocabulary, and will develop an awareness of mood in the music
  • loan of instruments for children to use in school and take home for the term
  • option to host a 30-minute after-school club
  • includes a Charanga Musical School licence
  • access to Severn Arts resources for schools and continuing professional development 
  • includes a session with a member of the Severn Arts team to discuss and advise you on your school’s music education planning

Price based on a minimum of 10 sessions

Lessons are taught by a Severn Arts specialist instrumental teacher alongside the class teacher. Each lesson is an hour (45 minutes delivery) with children learning one instrument chosen by the school from the Severn Arts instrument store.

If you are a Worcestershire school and not yet using Severn Arts music services please contact [email protected] to arrange your first term of whole-class music tuition.

First Access Music Education (FAME) 
  • A programme of whole-class instrumental tuition, designed to be a pupil’s first experience of instrumental music
  • Delivered by a specialist instrumental teacher alongside the class teacher
  • One hour per week for 33 weeks of the year (45 minutes delivery)
  • A range of instruments to choose from

The 2020-21 school package price is £1,277.10 per class for 33 weeks, at £38.70 per hour. Instruments are loaned free of charge.

Apply for FAME for my school

Ten week introductory turntablism course

£600 includes:

  • training to deliver the course
  • equipment for 30 learners
  • access to resources and tutorial videos

Please contact Debbie Fawcett at [email protected] to discuss introducing turntablism to your school.

Lead the Beat

The programme is charged at the Severn Arts subsidised rate of £38.70 per hour, providing:

  • A specialist music leader who can deliver a range of creative and inclusive music sessions tailored to meet the needs of the students identified by the school
  • Weekly sessions with activity tailored to the needs of the group

Delivery can be targeted at whole class, small groups or 1 2 1 sessions as appropriate to suit the needs of the school across the key stage.

Please contact Debbie Fawcett at [email protected] to discuss a Lead the Beat programme for your school.

For all other prices for in school music tuition please contact [email protected] 

Schools will be billed monthly for tuition and other Severn Arts services. We have created a number of templates which you might find useful in planning your parental charging schemes.