Our First Access Music Education (FAME) offer is a one-year whole class introductory programme for children new to learning to play a musical instrument. The programme delivers the music national curriculum to the class, introducing children to performing and composing, listening and appraising and posture and technique. Children are also taught the concepts of pitch (high and low sounds), dynamics (loud and quiet), basic structure, appropriate notation and vocabulary, and will develop an awareness of mood in the music.

The programme brings a number of benefits including: improved pupil confidence, concentration, self-discipline and teamwork; professional development for the class teacher; regardless of ability all pupils will be enabled to take part. It can instill a curiosity for and ignite a lifelong love of music for all pupils, and provide the platform for pupils musical abilities and potential to be further explored and developed.

Lessons are taught by a Severn Arts specialist instrumental teacher alongside the class teacher. The programme is for 33 weeks of the year with a one hour lesson each week (45 minutes delivery). The cost is £38.70 per hour.

Schools can choose from a range of instruments – clarinet, cornet/trumpet, string band, fife/flute (year 5+), violin, djembe/samba, recorder and ukulele. Instruments for FAME are loaned free of charge. 

This year we have started FAME at Crowle First School; Y1/2 are learning the African Drums and Y3/4 are learning the Cornet.  We also have a lunch time Ukulele club.  I would like to begin by thanking your staff who support us on all of these.  The children are truly enjoying their lessons, and our music provision has improved greatly thanks to your staff.

Head Teacher, Crowle First School

During the programme Severn Arts also supports and provides enhanced performance opportunities.

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**Please submit your request for FAME starting in September 2021 by 7 June 2021**    

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