I am 22 years old and have an interest in the use of social media, as well as how businesses use marketing. I am hopeful that when I finish university, I will work within the marketing sector. I grew up as a dancer. I love music, art, dance, anything creative. 

During my second year of studying for my degree in media and culture I was given the opportunity to work with Severn Arts to help develop their social media platforms as well as gain insight into their marketing.

Working within Severn Arts has developed my confidence and knowledge in an area of work I have a passion for.

I have developed valuable skills that I can continue to use throughout my career and have seen first-hand the hard-working team behind the opportunities and events that Severn Arts provide. 

The most valuable lesson I have learnt since working within Severn Arts is the importance of working collaboratively. There are many people who work behind the scenes at Severn Arts and each one plays a valuable role in providing their services. Seeing the team work cohesively and having the opportunity to join that team to help in furthering the charity has been wonderful experience. 

Not only have I developed my knowledge, but I have been able to share my insights with the team. I hope it has been as enjoyable and as much of a benefit to Severn Arts as it has been to me.

Brontë Smith, University of Worcester student

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