Severn Arts supports local arts and the cultural sector in different ways:

  • Support and advice to local artists
  • Skills development through training
  • Small grants for artists and arts and cultural organisations 

In 2019 – 2020 we supported six organisations providing match funding towards a larger grant application.  This ranged from a stencil trail in Arrow Valley Park, Redditch to intergenerational reminisce work in Kidderminster.  

Severn Arts and Worcestershire County Council awarded a £300 grant to 20 Worcestershire artists in April 2020. Each artist is producing a piece of work, focusing on the theme #CreativeConnections, which can be shared digitally during May 2020. 

#CreativeConnections projects

Also in April 2020 Severn Arts awarded a £300 grant to 9 Worcestershire musicians/music organisations to produce a piece of work based on the theme #KeepMakingMusic, to share with Worcestershire schools. Find out more about the #KeepMakingMusic project in our online resources for schools.

Applications for our grants are currently closed but keep checking back here for further information.