I am 21 years old and have grown up doing art-based subjects all my life. I currently attend the University of Birmingham studying History of Art, yet found myself struggling to think about future career paths. When I came across the opportunity to undertake a 10-day placement with Severn Arts in the Marketing Department I was interested to try out a sector that I was quite new to, which slightly daunted me at first. 

From the first day, everyone made me feel really welcome and comfortable being there.

I  felt like the team had made a great effort to plan my time with them, regularly checking in with me and scheduling time to talk to other departments for my own benefit to network and learn more.

I had the opportunity to sit in on meetings with other charities such as AgeUK which was really interesting to see a project begin. I was also lucky enough to take photographs of the Mayor of Worcester thanking Severn Arts for their amazing work, helping me understand the impact they make.  

My roles have been extremely varied which I have found really interesting as it meant that no two days were the same and enabled me to get a good overview of what the job of marketing really involves. I have been able to draw on my art skills using software such as Canva to create posters, flyers and creative designs for social media posts. I have also developed skills in understanding analytical data and the backend of websites and newsletters. My role also involved liaising with other departments which I enjoyed - being able to work cohesively in a team and was all the more enjoyable as it is for such a great cause.   

I felt like a really valued member of the team despite my short stay, being asked for my own opinions and ideas to input.

I have also gained skills in using software that I had never heard about previously such as Google Analytics or WordPress Gravity Forms to name a few. I have learned so much in the ten days of working there and have found it really beneficial in helping me navigate a future career path within this industry. Working with Severn Arts has really boosted my confidence in this area and given me the training and skills to apply elsewhere one day!

I am extremely grateful for my time at Severn Arts and would highly recommend to anyone else interested in undertaking work experience to give it a go, no matter what your abilities are. 

Millie Rogers, University of Birmingham student

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