A new project to help children in their final year at first, primary and middle school to write a leavers song is now available through Severn Arts website.  

A series of videos, created by Armonico Consort using the #KeepMakingMusic grant awarded by Severn Arts, set out the ingredients for successful song writing. Songs can be on any theme – it might be a sad song about leaving, or an excited song about new beginnings at a new school, or a thank you to teachers and friends for the amazing memories. Once the song has been created Armonico Consort are asking for recordings to be sent to them by 5 July so that they can add backing tracks and other instruments if needed. 

Gaynor Larkin from Armonico Consort commented: “We can’t wait to see the amazing results our fantastic young people come up with. Singing is scientifically proven to increase both physical and mental well-being. Therefore, while we are practising social distancing, it is crucial that we keep singing and making music for social togetherness!” 

#KeepMaking Music grants to create music projects for school aged children and young people were awarded to nine Worcestershire musicians/music organisations by Severn Arts in April. Each of the projects focus on music curriculum activities such as keeping and understanding the beat, use of rhythm, setting lyrics to a tune and performance as well as providing elements of musical development for teachers. The projects are varied and fun and include constructing a simple tune using the chords on a piano, performances, creating and performing a leavers song, instrument making, music quizzes and games. 

Laura Worsfold, Severn Arts CEO said: “We are delighted to be supporting our music partners and colleagues to offer Worcestershire schools a wonderful programme that we hope will help them to engage and inspire their pupils at a time when some will be returning to school and some remaining at home. Our sole aim is to celebrate the power of music to delight, celebrate and provide comfort when needed.” 

To find out more about creating a special leavers song see https://www.severnarts.org.uk/creating-a-leavers-song The #KeepMakingMusic projects are available for anyone to access via the Severn Arts website www.severnarts.org.uk