Large group lessons

Large group lessons are ideal for the continuation/progression of music education after First Access Music Education (FAME). Lessons are normally 30 minutes in length and continue to build on and develop the musical and instrumental skills learnt during FAME.

Small group lessons

Sometimes, going straight into 1-to-1 tuition might prove a step too big for some students, or the financial outlay can seem suddenly quite large.  Our small group/paired lessons of two or three students per lesson can help with both. The minimum lesson length is 20 minutes.

Individual lessons

An individual lesson is ideal for more advanced musicians or pupils learning to play a specialist instrument. Individual lessons are either 20 or 30 minutes long.


A wide range of instruments including string, woodwind, brass, percussion, keyboard and guitar are taught by our Severn Arts teachers and a large number are available for hire through Severn Arts. See instrument hire for more information.  

Once a competent beginner, all pupils are encouraged to join our Music Centre groups which meet in Bromsgrove, Kidderminster, Malvern and Worcester.

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Terms and conditions for the provision of music services in schools